Stalker in the Woods

Synopsis: Second title in the Hattie Farwell Mystery series.

Life’s been quiet for Hattie Farwell and her huge dog, Wolf, since the loss of Hattie’s friend Annie. But things are about to heat up in Pipersville.

Forced to sell 100 acres of her property when money gets tight, Hattie’s sensitive to who might move into the new development built there. But she quickly strikes up a warm friendship with young mother Donna Atkins. Donna's two lively girls bring the energy of youth back into Hattie's world, and Wolf finds them wonderful playmates. Hattie and Wolf soon become very fond of the little family of new neighbors.

Before long, though, strange events have Hattie asking some disturbing questions. Who is the bearded stranger who seems to be stalking her new friends, and what could he possibly want? Is there something darker lurking beneath the surface of her new neighbors' sunny life? And could all this have anything to do with the strange rash of unexplained murders taking place around Hattie's normally peaceful home?

Whatever's going on, Hattie doesn't like the strong feeling that the lurker means them harm, and Wolf seems to have the same idea. Follow our sleuths through the pulse-pounding climax that turns the woods of Bucks County into a frightening place!


About the Author

Betty Orlemann, Author of Mission: MurderWith nearly forty years as a newspaper columnist and still going strong, Betty Kerr Orlemann now turns her journalistic nose for news  and considerable imagination toward developing her Hattie Farwell character through the amateur sleuth’s own series of “cozy” mysteries. Imagine a little Agatha Christie, a little Jessica Fletcher, with a dash of Lillian Jackson Braun thrown in, and you’ve got Hattie Farwell: a spitfire of an octogenarian — sharp, principled, and hipper than you might expect.

Learn more about Betty at her website.


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Second in the Hattie Farwell Mystery Series

Mission: Murder coverAuthor: Betty Kerr Orlemann
Pub Date: July 1st, 2010
Retail: $12.95
Genre: Fiction
Category: Mystery
Binding: Softcover
Trim/Extent: 5.5 x 8.5/160 pp.



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